How to view Notion Databases in your CRON calendar Widgets on iOS

Keeping track of our busy schedules is crucial.

Many people rely on digital calendars like Google Calendar, but it can be limiting.

Cron is a calendar app that works with Google Calendar for a more customizable and intuitive experience.

By using Notion to Calendar, you can easily integrate your Notion databases with Cron.

This post will explore the benefits of using Notion to Calendar with Cron and how to use Cron's IOS Widgets to view your Notion databases.

What is Cron, the Calendar App to Better Work with Google Calendars?

Cron is a calendar app designed to work with Google Calendar.

It offers a range of features to customize your calendar experience, including the ability to create events easier in your day to day.

With Cron, you can create events that repeat on a regular basis, set reminders, and even receive notifications when someone else changes an event.

It also has the most beautiful calendar ios widgets. Seriously, check them out!

Additionally, Cron offers unique ways to link meeting apps used in the industry, for easier integration

How to Use Notion to Calendar with Cron

Notion to Calendar is an application that allows you to take your date-based databases to any calendar app you use, including Cron. By collecting documents from a Notion database and transforming its properties into iCal properties, Notion to Calendar provides a URL that can be accessed by Calendar Apps. To use Notion to Calendar with Cron, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Notion to Calendar and sign in with your Notion credentials.
  2. Select the Notion database you want to use with Cron.
  3. Click on "Generate URL" to create a URL for your database.
  4. Open Google Calendar and go to “Other Calendars”. Press the “+” button and select “From URL”.
  5. Paste the URL you generated from Notion to Calendar into the "Add Calendar" field.
  6. Click "Add Calendar," and your Notion database will now be integrated with Cron.

How to Use IOS Widgets of Cron iOS App to View Your Notion Databases

Now you have your Notion Database in your Google Calendar, Cron will automatically be able to see this new calendar.

The only thing left you have to do is add an iOS widget of the Cron App, and select the calendar!

It will show you a beautiful calendar widget with all your Database Items.