Your Notion Databases as Calendars

Subscribe to your Notion Databases from Apple Calendar or Outlook

How does it work?

It's really easy

Login with Notion

Share your desired databases with our app, this will appear on your dashboard

Get your links!

Get your calendar URLs and use them in Apple Calendar or Outlook

That's it!

Your calendar will automatically update with your Notion Events!

Why use Notion to Calendar?

Free your time and organize yourself better

Without Notion to Calendar

  • ❌ Manually copy and paste your events from Notion to your calendar
  • ❌ No notifications, you need to check your Notion app to see your events
  • ❌ You can see your events in Notion or Notion Calendar, not in your app of choice.
  • ❌ Notion's custom automation changes are not reflected in your other apps
  • ❌ See only the title with no page properties in your events

With Notion to Calendar

  • ✅ Your notion changes are automatically reflected in your calendar
  • ✅ Receive notifications for your events in your computer, phone or apple watch
  • ✅ You can see notion page properties in the calendar event notes (premium feature)
  • ✅ See your Notion Events along with your other calendars
  • ✅ Share your calendars with your team, customers, or friends without sharing access to your Notion database


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You only ned to login with your Notion account and check the databases you want to subscribe to. You will then be given a URL that you can use in Apple Calendar or Outlook.

My calendars are not showing!

If you just created your account, it may take a few minutes for Notion to sync your databases. If you still don't see your calendars, maybe you only shared pages, or the databases you shared have no date fields.

I can't see my events in my databases!

Check that you have items in your database with a date field set.

How many items from my database will be shown in my calendar?

You will see your latest 30 items from your database in your calendars. They will be the latest updated items. If you choose the premium plan, you will see up to 100 items.

I need more than one calendar, how can I do that?

After you've signed in, you can upgrade your account to the premium plan in order to use up to 10 calendars at the same time.


Start with the free plan, and upgrade when you need more


Basic functionality for personal use

  • One calendar at a time
  • Calendar updates every hour
  • Up to three months and 30 events synced


Get Started


Advanced features and customization

  • Up to 10 active calendars
  • Up to 100 events per calendar
  • Database properties in Event Description


(* Taxes may apply)