How to Connect Notion to Apple Calendar on macOS and iOS

Connecting Notion to Apple Calendar can open up a world of possibilities. Syncing Notion with Apple Calendar allows you to easily access your Notion data on your Apple device, being this your iPhone, iPad, or your Mac.

In this blog post, we'll explain why it's important, how to sync with iOS, the benefits of having a Notion database in Apple Calendar, and what you need to do in order to make the connection.

How to Sync Notion Databases with Apple Calendar

First think you must know is that you’re trying to connect two services which speak different languages.

You need a translation layer between them, something to transform Notion Databases to Apple Calendar files).

Step 1: Sign up in

Go to Notion to Calendar Login and Sign Up with your Notion Account.


Step 2: Allow Access to your Notion Databases

Once you’ve logged in with Notion, you will be requested what Notion Databases you want to Connect to Apple Calendar.

Simply select the databases you want and press Allow Access.


Step 3: Select the database you want to use

Once you land in the dashboard, you can choose which Notion Database Connect:


Press Select Calendar and then click on Get Calendar Link to open Apple Calendar and view your calendar.


Step 4a: Subscribe to Notion Calendar on Apple Calendar on macOS:

You will see a subscription dialog where you have to click “Subscribe”.


A new dialog will appear where you can choose the name and location of your calendar, as well as which color you want to use, and how much you want to update.


Step 4b: Subscribe to Notion Calendar on iOS Calendar:

On iOS, you must follow the same steps.

Connect to Notion from the Notion to Calendar Login, and allow access to your calendars as in macOS.

When you click the Get the calendar link button, you will see a dialog where you must tap “Subscribe”.


A new dialog to select the name, color and location of the calendar will show up. You must tap “Add”.

What about the other way around?

Unfortunately you can’t have a two way sync or update notion with your Apple Calendar events, everything must be edited on Notion and will be reflected on your calendar app.

The way Apple Calendar works is local first, so It doesn’t provide a way to connect and sync from your calendars right away.


It’s easy to Connect Notion Databases to Apple Calendar with Notion to Calendar.

Try it out today and start being more productive with your databases on your apple calendar.