How to use Notion Databases with Outlook

Outlook has long established itself as the standard bearer in many business environments for managing emails and tasks. Its robust features and trusted reliability make it an integral tool in managing daily communications and scheduling work tasks.

On the other hand, Notion has emerged as an innovative, flexible, and comprehensive tool for project management. With its unique database features and comprehensive set of tools, Notion allows the user to track and manage projects fluidly, especially ones associated with timelines and due dates.

Combining these two powerful tools takes the productivity game to another level. By integrating your Notion databases with Outlook, you get the advantage of viewing crucial project dates from Notion alongside your other important dates in Outlook, like meetings or personal tasks. This integrated view ensures that all key timelines are in one place, making it easier to plan, prioritize and manage work at a glance.

Although many people prefers to use Notion Databases with Apple Calendar, here's a simple step-by-step guide on using Notion to Calendar to integrate your Notion databases with Outlook:

Step 1: Log in to Notion to Calendar with your Notion account

The first thing you have to do to integrate Notion databases with Outlook is to sign in to Notion to Calendar using your Notion account. Make sure your Notion account is set up with the right credentials.


Step 2: Allow access to your Notion databases

Once logged in, for Notion to Calendar to function correctly, you need to grant it access to your Notion databases with dates. Ensure that every database that you want to sync has a date property. This is a crucial step as this is what allows your Notion databases to be translatable to a calendar format.


Step 3: Choose the calendar you want to use in Outlook on Notion to Calendar's calendar selector

Notion to Calendar allows you to select a calendar you want to use in Outlook. Take into account that with the free plan, only one calendar can be chosen. Choose the one that best suits your tracking needs in Outlook.


Step 4: Click "copy the link"

After configuration, Notion to Calendar will provide you with a unique URL that links to your Notion database. Click on the "Copy the link" button to get this link.


Step 5: Navigate to your Outlook account on

Next, you'll need to go to your Outlook account. Log in to your account on


Step 6: Click on “Add calendar” and then “Subscribe from web”

Within your Outlook account, look for the "Add Calendar" option, then select "Subscribe from web". This option allows you to add external calendars to your Outlook using a URL.


Step 7: Paste the URL in the provided text field

You have to paste the URL you copied from Notion to Calendar into the text box. Make sure the link is entered correctly to avoid any synchronization issues.

Step 8: Assign a name to the calendar

Finally, assign a name to your new calendar. This step will finalize the process of integrating your Notion databases with Outlook using Notion to Calendar. Now, your Notion tasks and events will be visible from your Outlook calendar.


I hope you find it useful and you can organize yourself better thanks to Notion to Calendar.