How to use Notion Calendar WITHOUT Google Calendar (degooglify)

Notion's data-oriented approach has revolutionized the way savvy users manage their work, tasks, and day-to-day life.

With the release of the new Notion Calendar, many users complain that they need a google account to log in! Why? We don’t know, but if you want to use Notion Calendar without Google then Notion to Calendar is the tool for you!

Notion to Calendar lets you use Notion Databases in Apple Calendar or Outlook or whatever other app you want!\

You only need your Notion account and some databases with date fields.

Why You Might Not Want to Rely on Google Calendar

There are several reasons to move away from Google-operated calendar system. Let's dive right in:

Privacy Concerns

There's no missing the elephant in the room: privacy. Google makes a living out of targeted advertising, drawing from the data you ‘willingly’ allow them to access, including your calendar events.

Business Policies and Restrictions

For large businesses and companies, using Google-based solutions might be in violation of their business policies or security protocols.

Dependency on a Single Company

Many are realizing the risks of putting all our digital eggs into one corporate basket. Businesses and individuals alike are seeking to distribute their reliance on tech giants for a healthier internet.

You just don’t want to mix it up!

You may have none or several google accounts with different purposes and none of them is to use Notion Calendar!

Convert Notion Databases to a Calendar With is a wonderfully simple service.

Extremely User-friendly

With no technical expertise required, you can start transforming your Notion databases into calendars.

1. Sign up on

2. Choose your desired Notion databases.

3. Get your link for your calendar app.

4. That’s it! Try it!

Notion account is All That's Needed

Let's underline this—the only account you need for this is your Notion account. No unnecessary sign-ups, no unwanted email newsletters.


Superior Control Over Your Data

With your data within your Notion account and your chosen calendar app, you can rest assured that it won't be manipulated for ad-related or other purposes.

Uninterrupted Experience

Hardware crash? Google account suspended? No worries. Since you're not relying on Google services, your personal or professional scheduling remains unscathed by such events.

Streamlined Workflow

Have all your project deadlines, meeting schedules, or personal reminders right within your chosen calendar app. No need to jump between Notion and Google Calendar.

Relishing the freedom of controlling your own data while enjoying the top-tier organizational capabilities of Notion, this is a lifestyle worth pursuing. Don't let conventions get in the way of your digital freedom—make the jump to Notion Calendar WITHOUT Google Calendar today!

Try Notion to Calendar for free today!