How to have Notion Calendars on Apple Watch

Most of us use Notion to organize our agendas, projects, house chores… Power users organize their lifes! It’s a very convenient tool who has most of the events we want to track on it.

Athletes also use their Apple Watch to help them keep track of their sports session, notifications, day to day events and so on.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to organize your stuff on Notion, and have all those events accessible on your wrist with Apple Watch?

Put your Notion Calendars in your iCloud account

You can do that syncing your Notion calendar to Apple calendar, using Notion to Calendar you can do that on macOS or iOS, it doesn’t matter.

Sync your calendars to the Apple Watch

once you’ve installed your calendar in your Apple calendar app, let it sync to Apple Watch. It should happen automatically.

if your notion events have an start date and an end date, you’ll receive a notification at the time it happens

you will receive a notification for your events in the morning if they’re a full day event.


To use Notion Calendars on Apple Watch the steps are very simple and straightforward. Just sync on your Mac or iPhone using Notion to calendar and let it sync automatically to your Apple Watch.