How to get a Notion Calendar iCal links

Getting an iCal Link from Notion to Calendar

Whether you utilize Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or another iCal compatible software, having the ability to synchronize your Notion databases with these platforms enhances productivity and overall management of your tasks and events. Thanks to Notion to Calendar, acquiring an iCal link to carry out this integration is straightforward.

Step 1: Sign up on Notion to Calendar

Begin by signing up on Notion to Calendar using your Notion account. The process is simple and requires your Notion credentials.

Step 2: Grant Access to Your Notion Databases

For Notion to Calendar to work, it requires access to your Notion databases with dates. Once logged in, grant access by selecting the necessary databases. Remember, they should have a date property to sync effectively.

Step 3: Choose Databases to Sync and Get the iCal Link

Once the access permissions are set, you need to choose which databases you wish to sync. After accomplishing this, press the "Get Link" button. This action generates the iCal link of your Notion database.

Step 4: Copy the iCal link

To transfer the link to your preferred calendar software, click on the "Copy the link" option that appears after generating the link. This step is essential as it allows you to bring over your Notion database events to a view where you can put it side by side with your other activities.

With your iCal link, the synchronization of your Notion databases with your preferred calendar software is now possible. Such method provides a seamless transition between planning and task execution, offering great assistance in efficiently managing your projects.